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Band History

...............from the beginning.

Black Bone Cat started in the minds Mike Skimmerhorn & Les Sharp in 1996. The two had played together for a number of years in Spike & CJSS, and were looking to do something new. With bassist Myron Englke & guitarist Eric Fenton, the first & very short lived incarnation of Black Bone Cat was born.

Shortly after their first gig, Brian Coleman replaced Eric. With about 6 weeks before the next gig, the band rehearsed relentlessly. About 4 weeks away from this next gig, Myron announced that he was leaving the band to join Local Aliens. Brian suggested a bass player/singer he had worked with in the past as replacement. After a makeshift audition/jam session, David Wade was brought in. This new foursome had a very tight, very intense energy right from the start.


Tearing it up at The Knotty Pine, 1997

What a life!

This version of Black Bone Cat was in place until the summer of 2003, at which point Mike announced he was leaving the band. We continue now in 3 piece form, with Dave fronting the band. With change often comes a new found excitement level & we are looking forward ripping & tearing well into the future.

Black Bone Cat plays a lot music from the '60's to todays newer sounds. Led Zeppelin to Metallica, Puddle of Mudd to Fuel, Stevie Ray Vaughn to Alice in Chains. Make a point to check these guys out soon!